Your Organization Can Thrive in Turbulent Times

For over two decades, WholeWorks has built lasting partnerships with companies like Nike, Starwood, Dow Corning, and Wendy's. We help them stay ahead of change and discover new ways of doing business by cultivating business acumen, strategic agility, sustainability thinking, and leadership skills on a strategic and individual level.

Our simulation-based approach to leadership development is a proven way of building these skills quickly and effectively, and equipping participants to create lasting value, no matter what the future may hold. It’s one of the few ways to create sustainable competitive advantage for an organization.

Agile Leadership Has Been Our Business for 20 Years

WholeWorks creates effective, cost-efficient services by leveraging founder Matt Mayberry's 20-year record of entrepreneurial success, Stanford MBA and MIT Ph.D., and experience as a professor in a groundbreaking Green MBA program. He’s helped thousands of executives hone their skills – and built a network of experienced and trusted partners to deliver client-specific solutions.

Working with Matt Mayberry at Dow Corning to develop and execute our Strategic Leadership Development Program was a most rewarding exercise. Not only was it an excellent and successful tool for developing managers for future career success, but the results of their participation in the program contributed immediate significant upgrades to our corporate strategic profile.
— Dick Hazelton, former CEO, The Dow Corning Corporation

What We Do     

To be able to act boldly and create value for their organizations, leaders need the ability to adapt to changing business landscapes. This ability draws on four essential skill areas, which are the focus of our simulation-based training programs:

Business Acumen           

We help leaders learn to make good business decisions despite incomplete information, competing perspectives and multiple tradeoffs. 

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Strategic Agility                

Our simulations cultivate the ability to assess dynamic business environments, respond proactively, and strategically redirect resources.

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We emphasize sustainability-oriented strategies that deliver customer value, reduce risk, and benefit your business, the environment, and society.

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Our “practice field” simulations teach leaders to handle complexity, tension, and uncertainty - and move forward in a changing environment.

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[The WholeWorks simulation] was one of the most robust and impactful leadership programs I have attended . . . . I was so impressed, I hired Matt Mayberry to develop a similar simulation for business leaders in my organization.
— Colleen Keating, former SVP Franchise Operations, Starwood Hotels and Resort Worldwide.

Our approach         

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. And today, organizational preparedness requires leadership teams that can find opportunity and build prosperity amid disruption, instability, and rapid change. To help our clients achieve this, the WholeWorks business model has four focal points:

We emphasize the skills and behaviors leaders need most to create positive change and deliver results in today’s (and tomorrow’s) environments

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Pilots, surgeons and athletes use simulators for training, because they work – and we’ve found them to be effective and efficient for managers, too. 

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Integrated Programs         

Our learning programs are fully integrated with the strategic objectives of enterprises AND individuals, because one-off events rarely bring lasting change.

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Scalable Delivery               

Today's learning programs require quick deployment to dispersed audiences. We optimize each client’s balance of live, online, and hybrid delivery methods.

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There’s no one better at deeply and clearly understanding a system and how it produces value than Matt Mayberry. . . Over the years, Matt’s models have helped change a lot of minds. He has redefined perceptions and challenged business realities — helping numerous clients overcome prevailing, long held “theories”, embrace facts, and commit to the REAL levers that drive the success for their businesses.
— Frank Mellon, President, Mellon Solutions

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