Yes, Your Team CAN Learn Change Leadership Skills

Leaders at all levels of your organization can learn to deal effectively with complexity, tension, and uncertainty – and move forward in a changing environment – with three interconnected WholeWorks services:

  • Competency Modeling to define what effective leadership looks like in your organization,
  • Leadership Programs that use realistic business simulations to build strategic competencies,
  • Coaching and Mentoring to provide individual support throughout the personal development process.

Change leadership mindsets and skills can be learned. But because this type of leadership is so context-specific, traditional classroom methods are inadequate. Research has shown that a hands-on approach is essential, particularly a cyclical learning process of experimentation with new behaviors, receiving feedback, and adjustment.

Our realistic custom business simulations have provided this experience to thousands of managers at top-tier companies. By experimenting with risk-taking and learning from mistakes, they prepare to work, think, and collaborate more effectively -- in tight alignment with your organization’s specific strategic goals.

Personal coaching and mentoring ensures maximum benefit as leaders across your organization prepare to catalyze change together.

Case Study: Building Strategic Leadership Competencies at Dow Corning

With fundamental changes threatening the company's historical leadership position in silicone materials, executives at The Dow Corning Corporation wanted senior managers to think more strategically about meeting customer needs in novel ways. WholeWorks’ contributions to their Strategic Leadership Development Program helped develop a new generation of leaders and catalyze strategic transformations that led to new growth and profitability.

Working with Matt Mayberry at Dow Corning to develop and execute our Strategic Leadership Development Program was a most rewarding exercise. Not only was it an excellent and successful tool for developing managers for future career success, but the results of their participation in the program contributed immediate significant upgrades to our corporate strategic profile.
— Dick Hazelton, former CEO, The Dow Corning Corporation

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Case Study: Building Leadership Bench Strength at Wendy’s

Wendy's faced tough challenges as it tried to expand internationally and manage a complex multi-brand enterprise in the years following the death of founder Dave Thomas. Senior executives asked WholeWorks to create a leadership program that would expand the pool of senior leaders at a pivotal time.

WholeWorks’ total-immersion simulation is preparing our current and emerging leaders for many of the critical issues they are likely to face in the coming years. A truly exceptional learning and development experience!
— Jeffrey M. Cava, former EVP, Human Resources & Administration, Wendy’s International, Inc.

Competency Modeling

Competency modeling defines what success looks like for leaders in your organization. Together with our partner OSI, we use interviews, focus groups, surveys and other research to model the knowledge and skills required for exceptional performance in your target roles.

OSI’s universal competency model, Polaris®, is based on over three decades of research in more than 100 client organizations; we tailor it to reflect your culture, business model, and strategic goals. We also incorporate the Sustainability Mindset: interlocking competencies that help leaders capitalize on sustainability-driven business opportunities. Competency models also can be used to create 360° surveys that solicit behavior-based feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reports.

Leadership Programs

When new behaviors are practiced in a realistic but safe learning environment, they transfer easily into real-world situations – this is why pilots, surgeons, and other high-skill professionals train on simulators.

WholeWorks’ simulations incorporate your business situation, culture, and strategic goals, with learning objectives based on your specific competency models. So your team discovers how collaborating in new ways can help achieve ambitious financial, social, and environmental targets, both in the simulation and on the job.

Our unique “practice fields” have twice been awarded the Excellence in Practice Citation by the American Society for Training and Development (now ATD), because they typically compress five to 10 years’ worth of decision-making experience into a few days.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Managers at organizations undergoing transformation face many leadership challenges. One-on-one coaching is helpful, but it can stretch the resources of today’s leaner talent-development organizations.

Experienced coaches from WholeWorks and its partners can work with leaders on development plans, and provide intense one-on-one feedback sessions. We can also help you develop formal mentoring programs, where experienced managers are trained to support high-potential employees.

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